Skin Damage

Dry skin is caused when sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands in the skin) fails to produce sufficient amount of sebum. Inadequate vitamin A, B, and E can also lead to dry skin. Sometimes dry skin is also due to genetic inheritance. Find some useful dry skin tips and look beautiful forever.

Skin care tips

Skin care products

You can use products which prevent dry skin like cold creams, moisturizer, etc. These products externally provide moisture to your skin and are an effective remedy for dry skin. You can even use such products to maintain the cleanliness of your private parts.


Cleansing milk should be used instead of soap. Olive oil cleanser is one of the best cleansers for this since olive oil is natural oil and good for skin. Plant oil like jojoba seed oil can also be used for very dry skin.

Facial mask and exfoliation

The natural face mask can be made by mixing egg yolk with a tablespoon yogurt or half tablespoon almond oil and one tablespoon honey. Exfoliation can also be done before having a bath; it helps in removing dead skin, and therefore moisture can lurk into your skin. Apply a small amount of scrub to long-handled body brush and use a brush to exfoliate the skin back skin by moving it in a circular direction.

Lip moisturizing

Lips tend to get dry faster than any other part of the skin.It is essential to regularly apply some gloss, lip balm or lipstick, in a day time and night one should not sleep before using lip balm on lips.

Dry skin is very common during winter. Since the atmosphere in this season is dry and lack moisture, it tends to take moisture from our skin. Here some points which you can follow to avoid dry skin in winters.

Dry skin care tips during winter

Here some tips to have a smooth and flawless skin.

1. Alcoholic drinks

Avoid having caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. These agents make your skin dry.

2. Increase water intake

Drinking at least eight glass of water helps to maintain moisture content in your skin and keeps it hydrated.

3. Add oil to your bathing water

Add olive or any plant oil to your bath after soaking for around 5min. By this method, your skin tends to absorb moisture.


4. Skin protection

Protect your skin from external agents like sun, wind, heat, cold. Apply moisturizer or sunscreen before getting exposed to these things.

5. Minimal contact with hot water

Long contact with hot water should be avoided as it extracts moisture from your skin. And try washing your face with cold water even in winter time.