How to maintain the cleanliness of your anus

How to maintain the cleanliness of your anus

When we come to the topic about personal hygiene, a majority of you would depict that having regular baths and brushing your teeth are the basics of it. It cannot be much truer than that, but there are certainly other areas of the body that require special attention- like how to maintain the cleanliness of your anus for instance.

The anus, according to WebMD’s definition – is the opening where the gastrointestinal tract ends and exits the body. To simply put it in layman terms, it’s the area where the waste from a human’s body exits in the form of feces. In some other definition, the anus is regarded as a sexual organ, and the transfer of bacteria is more often than not, prevalent in the area.

Keep the area sanitized!

How to maintain the cleanliness of your anus then? It’s pretty much easy. Let’s follow the following steps in order;

1. Change your underwear daily.

Why do we encourage changing your underwear daily? It’s because the first thing that the anus usually comes in contact with is either your boxers or your underwear. And we know for a fact that a high percentage of guys don’t change their boxers every day. Can you imagine the amount of bacteria that’s left on the boxers if you don’t change it day after day? It’s like a safe-haven for parasitic bacteria to congregate and multiply.


2. Wash your anus with soap and water.

The Muslims were taught in their religion to always wash their anus after going about their business in the toilet, and for a good reason- for personal hygiene. Not washing the clogged feces with soap and water will only result in the feces drying up and cause a whole load of problems with the anus, at times infecting it as well.

3. Say No to Anal Penetration.

In modern times like now, the act of anal penetration is considered fine. But in the old days, it was considered taboo. Because firstly; the anus was not meant to be a sexual organ. But to cater for the pleasure of some, the anus has been regarded as an alternative to the vagina, or amongst homosexuals. The more exposed the anus is to constant penetration, the bigger it gets, and in turn inviting bacteria to home in.

4. Avoid Scratching your Anus

The other less forgiving area which houses bacteria is your fingernails. You use your hands to do almost everything in your daily routine, and naturally, the amount of bacteria that gets stuck in between your nails is inevitable. Trim your fingernails if you ever do need to relieve the itch down there.

5. Shave the Hair Surrounding the Anus Opening

dd74Hair grows around the anus area for a reason. It’s because it’s a part of your body which is the most sensitive to friction and may cause discomfort- in the cavemen period. They didn’t have the complexity of manufacturing pants or trousers like in modern times, and hence the hair grown in the area of the anus was to prevent any flies or other insects from entering the anus whenever the human squats.

But in modern day time, imagine after doing your business in the toilet, there has to be some feces residue stuck on the hair around the anus! So with this, you should try to shave them regularly to keep your anus area clean and healthy. Shaving the hair down there is also important if you are bleaching your ass. You can view here the best anal lightening products that you can use.